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Lizzy Hoffmann
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What to expect in a tarot reading

You walk in the tarot reader’s door for the first time.  You’re not sure what to expect.  Perhaps you move through a beaded curtain.  Candles are lit and you are seated in a comfy velvet chair. The pungent scent of nag champa wafts through the air.  A one eyed cat stretches and then plops down at your feet.
The reader sits across from you and hands you the deck.  It’s larger than you thought it would be and as you wrap your hands around it, you notice the edges are a bit frayed.  This deck has been well used, you think to yourself.
Nervously, you begin to shuffle, wondering what the cards might have to say about your future.  Will you meet a tall dark stranger?  Will the Death card make an appearance? Will your ex come back? Breath in limbo, you hand the deck back to the reader and so the reading begins.  Your entire future is in her hands.  She turns the first card over and gasps…..

If you’ve never been to a tarot reader before, you may be expecting some dramatic scenario just like that.  It’s easy to believe that because it’s usually how we are typecast in popular culture.

But the truth is, most tarot readers are more like a kind old friend who uses tarot as a practical guide to help you create your own future (you’re in control, not some unseen power).  Before you step through the tarot door, here’s a wee bit of steretype-busting info so you won’t be surprised (or disappointed):

What to expect in a tarot reading (from an ethical reader):

You’ll be treated with respect, friendliness, and kindness.  (The aura of mystery and sketchy behavior you see in movies: not so much.)
I as your reader have a sincere desire to help you. (That’s why I am doing this kind work.)
Complete confidentiality.  Your secrets are safe with me.  (PS I’ll forget anyhow.)

If something negative comes up in the reading, I will help you to find strategies. Again, you are always in control of your life – life doesn’t just “happen” to you.
You’ll walk out feeling empowered.

What NOT to expect:

  • 100% accuracy.  No one has the ability to see your entire future. I am able to see what may be coming based on your current circumstances but you can shift gears at any time.  You are always in control of your life.
  • I won’t blame your problems on a curse or “entity”.
    That is the sign of a con artist reader.  (The next thing you will hear from them is that you need a cleansing that costs big bucks.)
  • A costume.  Not all readers wear “fortune teller” costumes.  Many of us are regular folk.  If you are looking for a side show, you may be disappointed. (Some readers DO the costume thing and rock it.  Most of us are rather ordinary in our attire.)
  • Mind reading.  No, I can’t read your mind or the thoughts of your ex.  (I don’t do parlor tricks, sorry.)
  • Solicitation.  As an ethical reader, I will never bug you to get a reading.  You come of your own free will.